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The Nanchengwa Lodge Tree House (UNAVAILABLE)

The ultimate retreat for surfers, the Nanchegwa lodge’s tree house (Now is a classroom)



The treehouse has been turned into a classroom.


Dwell in bliss like a local on the shore of Lake Malawi. the ultimate retreat for surfers, yogis and nature lovers, this tree house overlooks the third largest lake in the world. Climb 10 steps up winding through lush foliage to your tree house nestled amongst pillars, shaded by deep green canopy of trees and grass. Fall asleep to the lullaby of the waves and awaken to the sweet songs of birds in the trees.

The unit itself is with a loft for the bed, hardwood flooring, lots of windows for that spectacular lake view and wave sounds. The showers are nearby too.! The property has 2 other units and the main house has a huge communal deck overlooking the lake.

Far looking Nachengwa Lodge’s tree house (Now is a classroom)

The property is wonderful. Why stay on the beach when you can have this amazing vista of the canopy of the trees overlooking the lake? Highly recommended. Ryan, the owner, is very flexible and respectful. Practical tip: – The steps up to the rooms are very steep, so the tree house is not for people with mobility problems.

A tree house at Nanchengwa Lodge, Lake Malawi (Now is a classroom)


Tree House – Single (1 person) USD 32 /room on request  (Unavailable)

Tree House – Double (2 persons) USD 64 /room on request (Unavailable)